We are an efficient ultimate ebook creator along with specialists who assist you in marketing your book to the appropriate readership in addition to being an editing and copywriting service. We also provide comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs to help you publish your books.

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Brilliant book concepts are our obsession so in the hands of skilled ebook writers and editors, brilliant ideas produce excellent outcomes.Before we start working together, we want to understand every aspect of a client's book vision.


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We are a team of industry specialists who give best ebook writing services online, appropriate readership in addition to being an editing and copywriting service. We provide comprehensive and individualized services to make sure you succeed in best book publishing for your books.

Top-Selling Authors And Proofreaders

We have outstanding editors and authors on our staff who have written bestsellers in various genres.

Big 5 Editorial Squad

Our former excessive editors from the Big-5 publishing houses now serve as our Senior and Executive Editors.

Publish map-reading

We collaborate closely with the leading hybrid presses, publishers, and marketers in the field; we'll develop the best book publishing plan and serve as your trusted advisor.

Timely Commitment

With our full service, you can take an active or passive role as you see fit.

Interpersonal Proposal

Every concept, writer, and the book is original.
We match you with a group that is knowledgeable about your subject area, is familiar with your target audience, and can capture your unique voice.

Authorized procedures

Join a group that has mastered the craft of effective writing and editing, resulting in the release of more than 1,500 books and more than 250 national bestsellers.


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The best choice I made in the book writing and production process, was hiring Write for Glory. I was so busy representing the book that I never could have dealt with the endless stream of communication that came in after Write for Glory published the press release. They handled the questions, the scheduling of interviews and all the details in between!! It was a lifesaver timewise and it allowed me to focus on personally representing my book. In addition to that, it also brought in loads of media attention for my book. Writing is such a singular process, but we write so that it can be shared. Write for Glory did just that…they made sure it would be shared!.

Bill Treusch

Business Professional

Working with The Write for Glory was an absolute pleasure. From initial concept to final publication of Rise Above, they offered an exceptional level of professionalism and experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


Marketing Head

As of now I have sold 85,150 books. My business is up significantly because of the new business created by the publishing of my book Write for Glory helped me with. Motivator, Teacher, Shrink has compensated me for the initial investment many, many times over. New York Life Insurance company is paying me a six-figure fee to license the content in my book for them to develop a course for their sales managers. Your firm will continue to be a resource for me in the future.

Joseph Monico

Business Owner

Working with Write for Glory was a pleasure. They enabled me to write, publish, and publicize seven books in two years. I could not have done this without their constant encouragement, enthusiasm and professionalism. And the end products show the skill and talent of this great team. I am consistently complimented on the quality of the layout and printing of my books. I highly recommend this wonderful team of people!

Ken Dahlin

Chief Commercial Officer

I thought that writing a book was about, well, writing. Write for Glory staff helped me understand all the parts that go into publishing a book; writing, editing, layout, proofing, styles, distribution, cover art, and so much more. With their help I have a book on the market that I am as proud to look at as I am to read.

Sarah Sharp

Business Manager

Write for Glory's editing work was excellent. I sent them a very rough book manuscript. They delivered a fully edited manuscript on time and on budget--not only correcting errors but suggesting copy changes that made a huge difference. The editorial team was easy to work with and I would hasten to recommend this excellent services to anyone in need of speed, accuracy and a fair price.

Dee Sanders

Business Owner

Before the book, I had 52 social media followers across all platforms. After the book, I have 10,586 followers as of this morning. Before the book, I had secured one paid speaking engagement. After the book, I have secured 27 paid speaking engagements. Before the book, my business took in a bit shy of $10,000. After the book and as of today, I have earned over $100,000 in book sales, whether it be online or at my events, speaking fees, coaching and business consulting. They say 80% of all Americans want to write a book but only 1% really do it. If you want to write a book, Write for Glory is the way to go.

Michael Busby

Technology Head

The book goes through about 10 to 12 patient case studies, illustrating the modalities and the things that we do where in our office. It was a great showcase of what it’s like to be a patient. We send the books out to patients before their appointment. We’ve been using it as much as we can and been getting a lot of bang for our buck. Our process working with Write for Glory was great.

David Lomely

Senior Data Analyst

Write for Glory made my dream of becoming a published author come true. They are top professionals with a lot of creative ideas and took care of everything from finalizing the plot to designing and publishing. They revised the draft times and again to my 100% satisfaction.

Brian Franco

Solutions Architect

A service you can trust, Write for Glory provides excellent book writing assistance and consultation. I gave them a rough idea and they completely transformed it. Their team also ensured that my book comes out error free.


Business Owner

From start to finish, I was met with professionalism and kindness. While it seems like this should be a given, in today's world, it's a breath of fresh air to be treated with such care. I would 100% recommend Write for Glory to anyone who needs a book edited.

John Davey

V.P Marketingr

If you want the best of the best for your book, choose Write for Glory. Passionate, talented team, and a joy to work with.


Head of Marketing

Now on my 3rd audiobook project with Write for Glory. The narration was excellent and requested changes were made quickly. I highly recommend them! Thank you!

Jimmy Tuma

Creative Director

I love this company! I worked with other companies but Write for Glory really encourages communication with your writers and really care about the quality of your book. Definitely recommend!


Business Founder & Advisor

I've been publishing for a number of years and recently started using Write for Glory. I can't fault their service, they're extremely professional, responsive, but above all, produce excellent books!

James M.Holding

Group President

There is one word to describe Write for Glory, Professionals! I'm on my 7th book with them and they have never disappointed me. Some of my books have become Bestsellers. Highly Recommended.

Shaun Johnson

Business Development Consultant

I really enjoy working with Kevin Write for Glory. They have a great team of writers and are very collaborative, responsive, and professional. Write for Glory team has been quick to provide a range of top-quality writers who they feel are ideal for the novels we want to write.

David Maxwell

Chief Business Officer

I’ve enjoyed working with Write for Glory on my books and appreciate their assistance in guiding me through the publishing process. My lead writer, worked closely with me to capture my voice and ensure the writing was readable and accessible.


Ecommerce Entrepreneur


An ebook writer is an experienced and professional writer who does all the writing on their client’s behalf and doesn’t take any credit for the written work. Many people hire ghostwriters for a number of reasons. Some do not have enough time to write a book or lack the talent required. Under such circumstances, ghostwriters help you in conveying your message in a clear and engaging tone. There are many firms out there who provide ghostwriting services. Write4Glory is an early pioneer in the industry with a diverse team of dedicated ghostwriters and editors who have earned the trust of our loyal customers.

No, ghostwriters don’t take any credit for the work they do. Ghostwriters, as the name implies, work in complete anonymity. Ensuring privacy is a serious aspect and should be prioritized when working with a ghostwriter. The ghostwriting agencies make sure the contract between you and them is non disclose able and ensures your details stay confidential. The contract also implies that you do not need to give any credits to the ghostwriter. As per the contract you are the author of the book and the rights of your book belong to you only and therefore it makes you the sole owner of the published work.

Each book’s idea, subject matter and length is different. Based on the amount of work that needs to be done the duration varies drastically. Typically, writing a book can take anywhere between 6-12 months. If the book requires extensive research or technical expertise, it generally can take a little longer. Sometimes the clients approach us with a short or early deadline; in that case the matter can be talked through to discuss if the writer can make it to the deadline.

A complete ghostwriting process includes everything from the initial idea, research, writing, editing and book publishing for a book on the behalf of a client. There is absolutely no need to buy all the services if you don’t want to. It is completely up to the client to decide if they want all the above services or want to customize to suit their needs. When working with ghostwriters, it is not compulsory that clients should be involved in their book writing process. They can either get involved if they want to or leave it all up to the dedicated team members to completely do it for them.

The expense of hiring a ghostwriter solely depends on the services being availed. Other factors that affect the prices are the length of the work, the subject matter, and research involved. Our services include everything from coming up with an idea, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, cover design and book publishing agency consultation. You can decide how much you want to do yourself and which services you want to include in your package.


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