An equally diversified clientele requires a diverse service offering. Read on to learn why our clients think they enjoy us.


What our valuable clients say

Joseph Monico

Business Owner

I have been using the services of Write4Glory for a while now and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants to write a flawless and unique book.

Bill Treusch

Business Professional

I always wanted to write the stories my grandfather told me of the time he served in the army during WW2. The only problem was, I wasn’t a good storyteller. This is when I approached Write4Glory and they wrote a beautiful book that’s listed as a popular war novel.


Marketing Head

My book was recently completed with the help of Write4Glory. The writers were very talented and my book is flawless!


Ecommerce Entrepreneur

I was caught up in my studies so much that I couldn’t work on my book for a whole year. I was hopeless and then I came across Write4Glory and they finished and published my book and I didn’t have to compromise on my studies

Dee Sanders

Business Owner

I have been writing for 30 years but with time I just didn’t have the energy anymore. My grandson contacted Write4Glory for me and I can say the team is professional, responsive and dedicated. With the help of Write4Glory I wrote 4 more books.

Sarah Sharp

Business Manager

I was writing a book, which I couldn’t complete as I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Then one day my husband recommended Write4Glory and I was amazed how much the writer cooperated and in no time my book was available at our local bookstore.

Ken Dahlin

Chief Commercial Officer

Writing had always been my passion but juggling it with work and family was next to impossible. That’s when I contacted Write4Glory and with their help I have published 9 books over the past three years. The services are professional and top-notch

Michael Busby

Tech Head

My mother fell into depression when my father passed away. She made a recovery through a long and painful self- healing journey. She always spoke of helping others suffering from depression and anxiety. I referred Write4Glory to her and it was the best thing that happened to her in a long time. In the next couple of weeks, her second book about self-healing from depression is going to be published. Thank you for your efforts, Write4Glory!

David Lomely

Senior Data Analyst

I was gifted when it came to working with numbers. I wanted to make use of my talent to benefit others and so I decided to produce books to make Calculus and Statistics easy for people out there. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how until my colleague suggested I contact Write4Glory and with their help I have published a total of 15 basic and advanced level books on Calculus and Statistics


Business Owner

I always wished to write children’s books but I didn’t have the talent required. One day I came across some ghostwriting services and selected Write4Glory to make my wish come true. They took care of everything and published beautifully illustrated moral stories for children out of scratch!.

Brian Franco

Solution Architect

With the help of Write4Glory I have made many beautiful catalogues for my business. Thank you Write4Glory

John Davey

V.P Marketing

My all time dream of becoming author of a published novel was finally achieved at the age of 46! I give full credit to Write4Glory team to work so hard and helped me accomplish my dream. My book was masterpiece!


Head of Marketing

My colleague is an immigrant who is not very good at English language and therefore she struggled to put her brilliant book idea into words. When I informed her of ghost writers at Write4Glory she was overjoyed. Thanks to the hard work of the team at Write4Glory, my colleague was able to write her first ever book.

Jimmy Tuma

Creative Director

With the help of Write4Glory, my company has produced hundreds of novels, creative writings and general knowledge books for all ages. Many of the books are bestsellers and I would recommend the services of Write4Glory. They are legit, dedicated and work responsibly


Business Founder

I am the owner of a successful catering business. My mother has been involved in the kitchen since I was young and so cooking became my passion and soon I founded a successful catering business with the help of my mother. Many people wanted me to write a cookbook so they could benefit from my recipes but I just didn’t have the time. I contacted Write4Glory and they did everything for me and with the publishing of my cookbook my sales boosted like never before.

James M.Holding

Group President

My son has published a book about basketball with the help of Write4Glory. The success of the book has encouraged my son to become an author by profession.

Shaun Johnson

Business Development Consultant

Write4Glory not just wrote an amazing book on my behalf but also marketed it so well that it surpassed my sales goals. I would recommend Write4Glory to everyone who wants to write a successful book.

David Maxwell

Chief Business Officer

Write4Glory wrote a book based on my idea. There is no way I could have given life to my ideas into such skillful words and flawless narration.